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Gym Train Review Exercise Machines for Home Use from Home Gyms to Vibration Machines, Treadmills, Trampolines, Weight Benches, Rowing Machines, Exercise Cycles, Massage Tables, Electric Bikes and Elliptical Cross Trainers all with free delivery and one years free warranty.

If your looking to setup your own gym at home or at least buy some exercised equipment so you can exercise at home then your find the full range of home exercise equipment reviewed here take the IM Fitness ROCK Elliptical Trainer as an example the elliptical trainer features a rear flywheel with a weight of 7kg which provides great stability and a very natural cross training action that does not feel mechanical at all because the moving flywheel creates lots of momentum so its easier to start exercising and when your exercising the motion feels more fluid.
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From Home Gyms to Vibration Machines

If racing bikes are more your thing did you know that you can use a home racing bike that's a static racing bike for use inside your home that does not move yet gives you a full workout its like the old style exercise bikes but brought right up to date with a racing style which has both height and reach adjustable handlebars and saddle so its easy to adjust the bike (no tools required) to accommodate every size of rider and with an emergency stop button you will always feel safe that you can stop immediately should the need arise.

For those who prefer running how about a home treadmill like the IM Fitness GT Motorised Treadmill which has a fast 7.5 miles per hour top speed which is more than enough for even the fastest of runner of course you don't have to try and run at top speed and can use the handlebar speed controls to set any speed you would like to run at, the IM treadmill folds for easy storage when not being used with the large running deck lifting upwards out of the way when not in use creating a treadmill that's much smaller as the running deck is parked into a vertical position giving you your floor space back when the treadmill is not in use.

If you like to run uphill or want top give it a try as its great for building up the muscles in the back of your legs and giving you a great set of thighs and calf muscles then consider the IM Fitness Stamina XTI Treadmill which has an incline feature where at the press of a button on the handlebars you can automatically raise one end of the treadmill running deck upwards to great a hill with a maximum incline of 12% and you can raise the treadmill deck upwards or lower it down as many times as you like whilst your running or walking on the treadmill.

When space is at a premium your need the IM Fitness Space Saver Folding Treadmill which has a 90 degree folding angle which means you can fold the treadmill in half making a very thin folded treadmill that stands vertically upright taking up very little room in your house and looking very hi-tech and stylish the treadmill includes six professionally designed exercise programmes that you can select to run on different running tracks with the speed, incline and effort levels required all controlled by computer to give you a run that's as near to a real run out on the roads or across country as its possible to get indoors.

For those serious about their running or even serious about their music they should buy the IM Fitness Marathon Pro Treadmill which has a programmable computer where you can make your own exercise programmes up or adapt and change the exercise programmes already there so if you want an exercise programme to be harder or easier or have more hills or have less hills now you can make and edit the exercise programmes contained within thne exercise computer and with stereo speakers built into the front console you can plug in your mp3 player into the headphone socket to hear your music out of the treadmill speakers.

Want to build a little muscle or even a lot of muscle then your need a weight bench like the IronMan Deluxe Weight Bench which is a two station bench combining two separate pieces of gym equipment into the one weight bench you get a leg extension and leg curl bar on the bottom of the weigh bench and you get a integrated bench press so you can bench press your weights and then easily switch to working on your legs the complete full body strength training machine and its made from strong steel box section too so its incredibly strong and finished in a chip resistant and scratch resistant silver finish with classic orange coloured padded seat and backrest.

There's lots of trampolines to choose from too and these are perfect for your garden the kids will love them and there a lot of fun too and did you know there ideal for exercising and losing weight too take the huge Big Air Universal 16ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, this trampoline is the largest available and is a huge size for all the children and adults to bounce on at 16 feet in diameter you can cover your entire garden with just one big trampoline if you like the kids will love it and because its so huge there's plenty of room for everyone.

If all this talk of exercising and getting fit is making you feel tired then how about the Powertech Trail Blazer Electric Bike this electric bike does all the work for you and runs from a rechargeable battery and is completely legal with no scooter or car licences required just buy the bike and start riding if you have to cycle a long way or have to cycle uphill then let the electric bike do all the work for you and with just a four hour charge time you can easily charge the bike up again really quickly even whilst your at work or at a friends house.

Like giving or receiving a massage then recover from all those exercised aches and pains with your very own massage table the Orchid Penia Massage Table is a folding massage table so its easy to store when not in use and comes in a range of bright colours including pink, black and cream and look superb with the faux leather finish and comfortable memory foam supporting you whilst you lie down the table height is fully adjustable so you won't get aching arms or hands as you give a massage and with an adjustable backrest you can do more than just massage with the table and offer beauty treatments too when you don't want the client lying flat use the backrest.

For a really cheap elliptical cross trainer consider the PowerTech PRO Elliptical Trainer which at less than one hundred pounds is a bargain as your getting so many features for your money like pulse sensors built into the handlebars which not only measure your pulse but will calculate your heart rate too and display your heart rate reading in BPM Beats Per Minute on the screen and you won't need any separate hearty rate measuring equipment like chest straps, pulsed watches or even ear lobe pulse sensors as with the integrated pulse sensor its all easy to use with no mess of wires.

For those of you that like home racing bikes of the static variety for exercising whilst you watch television take a look at the beautiful PowerTech Turbo HFS Racing Exercise Bike which is black in colour with yellow highlights the racing bike looks fast even when your not on it the colour scheme is very impressive and the feature list is even more impressive with micro tension adjusters and pad braking systems as well as adjustable saddle and adjustable handlebars and you even get a free water bottle to put on the easy reach water bottle holder.
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