Big Air Junior 12ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure.

Big Air Junior 12ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure that Won't Blow Away With the Anchor Kit and All Weather Cover and Ladder.

If your garden is windy and your worried about having a trampoline in your garden because it might blow away then have a look at the Big Air Junior 12ft Trampoline as you can use the anchor kit to secure the trampoline to the ground the anchor kit can be staked into grass, sand or clay or you can permanently attach the anchor kit to wooden decking or cement in the anchor ikit if you prefer it will hold the large legs of the trampoline firmly down on the ground no matter how windy.
Big Air Junior 12ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, Won't Blow Away With Anchor Kit.

Won't Blow Away With Anchor Kit, All Weather Cover, Ladder.

There's the option of an all weather cover too which fits over the Big Air Junior 12ft Trampoline and keeps the rain, snow, frosty and even sunlight off the trampoline preventing discolouration from the suns UV rays and flooding or rot and mildew from water and snow, when you use the all weather cover your have a trampoline that lasts for years.

The frame of the trampoline itself is galvanised steel and resistant to rust with a rust corrosion warranty of 5 years and the springs have also been zinc plated against rust.

The trampoline features safety padding round the edge of the trampoline the padding covers up the springs and is made from a closed cell polypropylene which does not crack when bent and also provides shock absorbency should someone fall on the edge of the trampoline.

Around the trampoline fits the safety enclosure this is a security fence which keeps the children inside with no holes or gaps for them to leave the trampoline or jump off from the trampoline or try to squeeze themselves through, so everyone must use the door in the safety enclosure for added safety.
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