Big Air Universal 14ft Trampoline.

Big Air Universal 14ft Trampoline the Adult Trampoline with No Safety Enclosure.

Not everyone wants to be mollycoddled by all the latest safety products especially when they can get in the way of your enjoyment of the trampoline if your an adult and responsible then you might not want a safety enclosure on your trampoline as they block access to the trampoline and prevent great photographs of you to be taken as you have all the safety fence blocking your view for those trampoline enthusiasts they can buy the Big Air Universal 14ft Trampoline.
Big Air Universal 14ft Trampoline, Adult Trampoline.

Adult Trampoline, No Safety Enclosure.

Whilst the trampoline has no safety enclosure that's not to say that the essential safety equipment is not provided you get safety padding over the springs which is made from a flexible polyurethane foam padding that does not crack when bent and will last for many years.

The large legs of the trampoline won't damage your lawn as they spread the weight evenly across the lawn and float on top of the grass so its easy to move the trampoline around your garden simply by sliding the trampoline on the grass and because the trampoline legs are flat and don't stick into the lawn the grass won't rip or kick up mud.

You might want to slide the trampoline around the lawn which is easy because it does not have the weight of the safety enclosure o top of it so that you can easily push the trampoline to another area of lawn so that you can mow the grass underneath the trampoline or simply move the trampoline to a different area of lawn so that the grass will grow back where it has been trampled underfoot.

If your garden is very windy or your worried about thieves then consider getting the trampoline anchor kit which contains a spike that you can push into the lawn and straps that secure top the trampoline legs to prevent any movement.
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