Big Air Universal 14ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure.

Big Air Universal 14ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure the Large Round Trampoline with Easy Assembly.

Want a large round trampoline for the garden that's easy to assemble and comes with free delivery then buy the Big Air Universal 14ft Trampoline which is not only bargain priced thanks to the 50% discount but will last for many years too and even comes with a 5 year warranty.
Big Air Universal 14ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, Large Round Trampoline.

Large Round Trampoline, Easy Assembly.

Designed for both adults and kids anyone can bounce on this trampoline as long as their bodyweight is 24 stone or less, the metal frame is strong and won't rust as its been galvanised against rusting the frame has large legs so the trampoline won't sink into your lawn no matter what the surface you can put your trampoline on grass, sand, soil, wood chips, wooden decking, concrete and specialised children's play surfaces.

The large legs sit on top of the lawn without leaving marks in the grass you can easily pull the trampoline around your lawn as it will slide on to of the grass without making holes in your lawn, you might want to move the trampoline to a different area of the garden to mow underneath the trampoline or to prevent wear ion your lawn.

The trampoline features a safety enclosure this is a large netting fence that fits all the way round the outside edge of the trampoline and stops anyone from falling out if they get too close to the edge, it will stop children and adults accidentally falling out and children or adults who throw themselves at the safety enclosure will also be gently pushed back towards the middle of the trampoline.

Trampolines are a great way to have fun with the kids the kids will have hours of fun bouncing with their friends or using the trampoline as a play den and because they kids are in the trampoline you know where they are and its easy to keep an eye on them.
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