Big Air Universal Octagonal 12ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure.

Big Air Universal Octagonal 12ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure the High Jump Trampoline with Increased Spring Reaction.

Octagonal trampolines hold the trampoline mat tighter than round and oval trampolines this tightness results in a higher jump and increased spring reactions where the different springs on the trampoline are pushed down at different rates causing the trampoline to give big bounces, its perfect for both children and adults as everyone loves bouncing high.
Big Air Universal Octagonal 12ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, High Jump Trampoline.

High Jump Trampoline, Increased Spring Reaction.

A safety enclosure keeps everyone safe this is a netting that surrounds the trampoline that stops anyone from falling off other, there's a door in the safety enclosure to allow people to get in and out of the trampoline more easily and this door fastens closed with a toggle button so if your holding a party you can use the safety enclosure to your advantage as your often want to separate the older kids form the younger kids at a party and with the fabric door of the safety enclosure its easy to only allow access to the trampoline to the children whose turn it is.

Trampolines are excellent for parties as they are much cheaper to buy than other forms of entertainment like clowns or bouncy castles and after the party you can of course keep the trampoline for your children to use anytime they like so trampolines make a great birthday present and birthday entertainment all rolled into one and with all the children in the trampoline you at least don't have to worry where everyone is.

The Big Air Universal Octagonal 12ft Trampoline is fully weatherproof and resistant to damage by water and sunlight UV radiation the trampoline mat is water resistant and won't rot or go mouldy and the metal frame and legs are made from galvanised steel so won't rust even the springs are zinc plated so they won't rust either.
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