Body Sculpture BC-4620HKO Racing Exercise Bike.

Body Sculpture BC-4620HKO Racing Exercise Bike the Home Racing Bike with Adjustable Seat that moves Forwards, Backwards, Up, Down and Tilt.

The Body Sculpture BC-4620HKO Racing Exercise Bike is a home racing bike for use indoors its not a bike for riding on the streets as it only has one wheel and that's a large flywheel this is a bike for getting fit and exercising indoors where you don't have to get gold or wet or suffer abuse from passers by.
Body Sculpture BC-4620HKO Racing Exercise Bike, Home Racing Bike.

Home Racing Bike, Adjustable Seat Forwards, Backwards, Up, Down, Tilt.

This indoor racing bike features a 13kg flywheel mounted in the place of the front wheel the flywheel spins as you turn the pedals and is chain driven from the pedals a comprehensive chain guard system is in place between the pedals and the flywheel for safety.

The flywheel provides a consistent motion that feels like your cycling on a real road rather than on a static bike indoors in fact the flywheel provides such good momentum that you cannot tell the difference between this home racing bike and a street racing bike.

The saddle not only adjust up and down for height as you would expect but also forwards and backwards for reach so you can bring yourself closer or further away from the handlebars if you have long arms your want to be further away from the handlebars and if you have short arms your want to be closer to the handlebars, as well as height and reach adjustment the saddle can also be tilted forwards or backwards for the perfect position you can change all these saddle positions with the saddle levers as no tools are required.

The handlebars also adjust for height upwards and downwards and have multiple grip options with grips on the horizontal and vertical planes giving three different hand positions, horizontal, vertical and angled.

Included on the racing bike crossbar is a water bottle and water bottle holder with easy hand reach whilst you're cycling.

Just below and to the left of handlebars is a variable resistance adjustment simply turn the dial to make it harder or easier to peddle making it harder will help you achieve your exercise goals quicker but be careful not to make the resistance level too hard or you won't be able to complete your resistance regime of say 15 minutes a day or whatever you have decided so best to make the resistance level just a little more than your comfortable but not too much that you can't complete your exercise session as that would lead to a loss in motivation.
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