Body Sculpture BC-7200GHKG Exercise Bike.

Body Sculpture BC-7200GHKG Exercise Bike with Easy Read Large Screen Display the Complete Monitoring System.

If you like to keep an eye on your statistics as your cycling then the Body Sculpture BC-7200GHKG Exercise Bike is the bike for you as not only does it have a large display screen that's very easy to read where the contrasting colours help readability of the huge range of statistics available as the Body Sculpture BC-7200GHKG Exercise Bike measures body fat, pulse rate, room temperature, calories, speed, distance, exercise time and there's even a calendar and a clock should you receive a telephone call whilst your cycling and need to take note of an appointment on the calendar.
Body Sculpture BC-7200GHKG Exercise Bike, Easy Read Large Screen Display.

Easy Read Large Screen Display, Complete Monitoring System.

There's also eighteen exercise programmes which have been designed by sports and medical experts and give you a range of different cycling tracks requiring different effort levels so you can choose an exercise programme that best meets your exercise goals for example weight lose, shaping and toning, cardio exercise, fun cycling, timed trials, build leg muscle, toning calves, buttocks, hips and thighs and many more.

There's also built in heart rate exercise control programmes which monitor your heart rate by measuring the pulse in the palm of your hands and automatically altering how much exercise the bike should give you by making the resistance on the pedals harder or easier for example you would enter that you wanted your exercise to exert you to no more that 65% of your maximum heart rate so the exercise bike would monitor you as you cycled and measure your maximum heart rate then the exercise bike would change the resistance on the pedals making it harder or easier to pedal depending on whether the bike needed to increase or decrease your heart rate to keep your heart rate to 65% of maximum.

With heart rate control you get the most effective exercise that does you the most good whilst keeping you as safe as possible with the bike monitoring your vital statistics and adjusting itself automatically.
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