Body Sculpture BE-6720G Elliptical Trainer.

Body Sculpture BE-6720G Elliptical Trainer with Dual Handlebars to Work Upper Body and Lower Body.

With dual handlebars you get two machines in one on the Body Sculpture BE-6720G Elliptical Trainer you get a stationary set of handlebars which function like a step machine working your lower body shaping and toning your legs, thighs, hips, calves and stomach muscles whilst the moving handlebars also work the upper body as well as the lower body working the arms and shoulders too.
Body Sculpture BE-6720G Elliptical Trainer, Dual Handlebars.

Dual Handlebars, Work Upper Body and Lower Body.

This elliptical trainer includes a digital display with exercise computer and shows you the time you have been cross training for so you can set yourself a goal of doing so many minutes each day on the cross trainer and the speed your cross training measured in real-time as your moving the paddles for those that like to maintain a constant speed whilst there exercising or go much faster towards the end of the exercise and knowing the speed you can also time rest and work periods by looking at the digital display.

Also shown on the display is the distance you have travelled on your cross trainer obviously the cross trainer is a static home exercise machine so this is theoretical distance but helpful if you like to cross train the same distance everyday.

The Body Sculpture BE-6720G Elliptical Trainer also displays the calories you have used whilst you have been cross training which if your on a diet or just watching your weight is helpful to know as if you use more calories than you eat each day you will lose weight so with a cross trainer you can see exactly how many calories you are using as you exercise and its great motivation to see the calories count up as your exercising and motivates you to exercise harder.

Your pulse is also shown on the display which is calculated from pulse sensors inside the handlebars, simply hold the handlebars to see your pulse rate on screen and body fat sensors i the handlebars use resistance sensors to measure resistance across your body which is an indication of body fat and measured in BMI Body Mass Index which can be read on the screen.
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