Body Sculpture BE-6730GKHO Elliptical Trainer.

Body Sculpture BE-6730GKHO Elliptical Trainer Ideal For Newbie your First Home Exercise Equipment.

Want to exercised at home and want a capable exercise machine that won't cost the earth then buy the Body Sculpture BE-6730GKHO Elliptical Trainer as its got all the features your need without being over complicated and is easy to use and hardwearing.
Body Sculpture BE-6730GKHO Elliptical Trainer, Ideal For Newbie.

Ideal For Newbie, First Home Exercise Equipment.

Made from tough steel tube with a 19 stone maximum user weight this elliptical cross trainer is suitable fo0r the whole family as the large footplates give plenty of room for both small feet and large feet while the heart rate control system will monitor your heart rate whilst your exercising and adjust how hard it is to move the elliptical trainer paddles to make it harder or easier for you to exercise monitoring your heart rate so the Body Sculpture BE-6730GKHO Elliptical Trainer works you hard but keeps you safe at all times.

The heart rate is displayed on the digital display unit between the handlebars and is calculated from your pulse rate, in the handlebars your find pulse sensors which measure your pulse as you hold the handlebars and work out your heart rate from your pulse rate using handlebar pulse sensors means you don't have to use seperat6e chest straps or earlobe pulse measuring devices and you won't have trailing cables everywhere as the pulse monitor ion the elliptical trainer is self contained within the handlebars.

As well as pulse sensors on the handlebars there's also a body fat sensor i the handlebars which uses the resistance between the two handlebars to calculate your body fat because different amounts of body fat cause different resistances to be measured and the elliptical trainer can use these resistance levels to display your body fat in BMI Body Mass Index which is a commonly used measurement for body fat the advantage of being able to measure your body fat is that its very accurate you might be wondering if your looking thinner since you started exercising but with the body fat measurement on the Body Sculpture BE-6730GKHO Elliptical Trainer you can be sure you have lost body fat and this is a great motivator to exercise harder and lose more weight and body fat as well as toning and shaping your body.
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