Body Sculpture BE-7110 Elliptical Strider.

Body Sculpture BE-7110 Elliptical Strider with Front Wheel Drive for a Natural Stride.

With the flywheel at the front of an elliptical trainer you get peddles that are much closer together so your not feeling like your legs are being stretched apart and your stride will be more natural like your normal walking stride rather than the more mechanical stride that a rear wheel drive elliptical trainer has.
Body Sculpture BE-7110 Elliptical Strider, Front Wheel Drive.

Front Wheel Drive, Natural Stride.

The large front flywheel ensures that starting to peddle is smooth and consistent feeling natural and not mechanical and jerky and once you have built up rhythm that rhythm stays with you as the large front flywheel powers the cross trainer pedals maintaining the natural movement.

If you want a low cardio workout a front wheel drive elliptical cross trainer is ideal as you can have very low resistance on the pedals for an easier workout you can adjust the resistance level from buttons on the handlebars and buttons on the computer console which is directly in front of you within arms reach the advantage of the buttons on the handlebars is that you don't have to take your hands off the handlebars to press the resistance increase and decrease buttons so those new to cross trainer especially will appreciate that you get wobbly and unsure of yourself when you have to let go of the handlebars and with buttons on the handlebars you never have to let go to make resistance adjustments.

Unusually for cross trainers is an adjustable incline feature where you can introduce a hill into the elliptical trainer so you can cross train whilst climbing up a hill the advantage of this is that your shaping and toning a different set of muscles when you introduce a hill your shaping and toning your calves, thighs, legs and stomach.

The incline adjustment buttons are found on the handlebars so you don't have to move your hands off the handlebars and if you're new your feel safer and on the exercise computer console in front of you between the dual handlebars.

With two sets of handlebars your exercise your upper body as well as your lower body the fixed handlebars don't move and when you use those handlebars its like using a step machine with your legs moving up and down and all the advantages of a step machine like getting great definition in the muscles in your legs, calves, thighs and buttocks.
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