BodyTrain IS350E Programmable Magnetic Bike.

BodyTrain IS350E Programmable Magnetic Bike with Lightweight Design and Graphical Exercise Display.

This is a lightweight exercise bike designed for home use its compact design and low weight means you can easily move the bike from room to room around your home so you can use the exercise bike in one room in the house and move it for storage to another room in the house or under the stairs or in the garage or shed.
BodyTrain IS350E Programmable Magnetic Bike, Lightweight Design.

Lightweight Design, Graphical Exercise Display.

There's twelve different exercise levels and these are all designed to provide different types of exercised from fun and easy cycles to quick cycles to cycling designed to lose weight and cycling designed to shape and tone muscles in your legs, calves, thighs and buttocks your see the exercise programme you have selected on the graphical display screen located on the handlebars in front of you its a very large screen and is easy to see the exercise programme you have chosen will be presented as a bar chart with the different resistance settings the exercise bike will automatically use indicated as different height bar charts so you can easily see how hard (tall bar chart) or how easy (small bar chart) the exercise programme you have selected is.

Of course whilst the exercise bike will select the resistance for you if you use an exercise programme and automatically adjust how hard it is for you to peddle you can if you wish choose not to use an exercise programme and just use the manual control varying the resistance level yourself or you can use an exercise programme and override the resistance level yourself to make the built in exercise programmes harder or easier.

Uniquely the saddle which is large and padded so your feel comfortable sitting on it even for extended periods of time is adjustable not only in height moving up and down but also in reach moving forwards and backwards bringing the seat closer to or further away from the handlebars if you have long legs your want the seat further away and if you have short legs your want the seat closer.
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