Cintura Pulse Elliptical Trainer.

Cintura Pulse Elliptical Trainer, Easy To Use in Gloss White With Red Highlights.

The easy to use Cintura Pulse Elliptical Trainer is available in a smart gloss white colour with red handlebars and stylish lines on the cross trainer body this is a dual handlebar cross trainer so you can use it as a step machine using the fixed handlebars and working the lower body and as an elliptical cross trainer holding the moving handlebars and working the who body the arms as well as the legs so its a great source of cardiovascular exercise and will give everyone their recommend exercise of 30 minutes each day of moderate exercise as is recommended by doctors.
Cintura Pulse Elliptical Trainer, Easy To Use.

Easy To Use, Gloss White With Red Highlights.

The Cintura Pulse Elliptical Trainer comes with a one year warranty and can be extended to two years so if you have any problems your be able to get a free repair or free replacement and with free delivery by courier and a thirty percent discount off the original price the Cintura Pulse Elliptical Trainer really is a good deal.

On the combined LCD screen and exercise computer which is located in the middle of the handlebars your find a display that can show you your pulse as measured on the palm pulse sensors in the handlebars of your cross trainer and the time you have been exercising for along with the current speed your moving the elliptical cross trainer pedals at and the distance you have cross trained as well as your current speed and the calories you have burdened whilst exercising, if your following any sort of diet or reduced calorie food plan then knowing how many calories your burning whilst exercising will be vital.

With the hand pulse sensors in the handlebars measuring your pulse rate and calculating your heart rate you can keep an eye on your heart and pulse rate so you know how hard you can push yourself and when to stop its the ideal elliptical cross trainer for anyone under doctors orders to exercise but not to overdo it.
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