Cintura Sports EX60 Exercise Bike.

Cintura Sports EX60 Exercise Bike the Compact Home Exercise Machine with Strong Steel Frame.

In white gloss finish with red stripe and highlights the Cintura Sports EX60 Exercise Bike is a good looking exercise bike for home use its strong too with an all steel frame that's suitable for a rider with a bodyweight up to and including 19 stone.
Cintura Sports EX60 Exercise Bike, Compact Home Exercise Machine.

Compact Home Exercise Machine, Strong Steel Frame.

On the handlebars your find a resistance adjustment dial which makes it easier or harder to peddle turn the resistance dial to the left to make it easier to pedal and turn the dial to the right to make it harder to pedal try to set a resistance level that just pushes you a little bit harder than your comfort zone and your get the benefit of burning calories and strengthening and toning muscles in your legs namely your calves, hips, buttocks and tummy muscles.

Too lose weight set a higher resistance level but not so high that you can't complete your goal for example you might have set yourself a goal of fifteen minutes exercise a day so set a resistance level that works you hard but allows you to complete the fifteen minutes of exercise a day that you have set yourself as your lose motivation quickly if your unable to complete your exercise but on the other hand your stay very well motivated if you feel your exercising hard and able to compete your exercise sessions as your have a strong feeling of accomplishment.

The seat is large and padded so your enjoy sitting on the saddle rather than being desperate to finish cycling and get off as quick as possible because the seat is so uncomfortable like you may well find on other exercise bikes with a comfortable seat you mioght even decide to read a book whilst you cycle or watch TV whilst you cycle or listen top the radio as cycling does not require you to focus on anything reading, watching and listening will keep the boredom away and as this is a home cycle you don't have to worry about traffic out on the roads.
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