Cintura Sports Osiris Air Rowing Machine.

Cintura Sports Osiris Air Rowing Machine the Proper Gym Air Resistance Rower which Folds To Save Space.

In the gym your find proper air rowing machines just like the Cintura Sports Osiris Air Rowing Machine which uses a fan inside the front housing to turn against air flow to provide the resistance to your pulling on the rowing machine cord and you get that lovely whooshing sound from an air resistance rower which is much nicer than magnetic rowers or spring based rowers.
Cintura Sports Osiris Air Rowing Machine, Proper Gym Air Resistance Rower.

Proper Gym Air Resistance Rower, Folds To Save Space.

There's a resistance adjustment knob on the rowing machine body just below the pull bar turn the knob clockwise to increase the air resistance and the fan blades inside the housing turn to become less aerodynamic increasing the drag on the fan and providing more air resistance and more of that lovely whooshing sound.

The long beam of the rowing machine is made from aluminium and has a hinge where the long beam is joined to the main body of the rowing machine when you unlock this hinge you can fold the long bar upwards lifting the long bar off the floor and securing vertically where in this parked position the rowing machine takes up practically no room on your floor and is ideal for storage when you not using the rowing machine and don't want to waste floor space.

There's a combined digital display and exercised computer on moveable arms on the top of the rowing machine body so you can adjust the display so that you can always see the display whilst your rowing and with the large display even on the back stroke when your furthest away from the display you can still clearly read the display.

The digital display shows the time you have been rowing along with your current stroke rate in strokes per minute and the total strokes you have rowed since you started exercising and also the calories you have burned whilst rowing.
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