Cintura Sports Zoom Racing Exercise Bike.

Cintura Sports Zoom Racing Exercise Bike the Indoor Racing Bike with Large Front Flywheel.

If you like racing bikes and racing out on the streets and want to have a static racing bike at home for use indoors then take a look at the Cintura Sports Zoom Racing Exercise Bike which is designed to mimic outdoor racing bikes but indoors.
Cintura Sports Zoom Racing Exercise Bike, Indoor Racing Bike.

Indoor Racing Bike, Large Front Flywheel.

There's a large 13kg flywheel as the front wheel this gives the racing bike plenty of momentum so the indoor racing bike feels like a proper outdoor bike starting to pedal feels the same, freewheeling feels the same, racing hard feels the same as the bike is designed top feel like a outdoor racing bike.

The racing pedals have both a foot strap and a toe clip to hold your feet securely on the pedal and prevent injury and soreness as without the toe clip people have a tendency to push down with the toes on the power stroke when you should be pushing down with the ball of your foot, pushing down with the toes can lead to injuries like sprains and soreness so use the toe clips provided for the safest most comfortable and most powerful cycle.

The saddle is a proper racing saddle that adjusts vertically for height up and down a horizontally for reach forwards and backwards so if you have short arms you can bring the seat forwards closer to the handlebars and if you have long arms you can bring the seat backwards further away from the handlebars.

Directly in front of you as your sat on the racing bike is an emergency stop button pull this to bring the racing bike to an immediate and safe halt the Cintura Sports Zoom Racing Exercise Bike uses professional pad brakes for excellent braking and a chain transmission system with fully enclosed guard provides the power transfer from the pedals to the front flywheel.

The handlebars adjust for height too and have multiple hand hold positions you can hold the handlebars whilst seated or whilst standing and hold the handlebars directly in front of you or at the sides with many vertical and horizontal options for holding the handlebars whatever position you prefer your able to use.
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