IM Fitness GT Motorised Treadmill.

The IM Fitness GT Motorised Treadmill the First Time Treadmill that Folds Upright with 5 Year Warranty.

If this is your first time on a treadmill then the IM Fitness GT Motorised Treadmill is a great choice it has a full range of features and is very competitively priced and even comes with a five year warranty and free courier delivery as well as a three incline running deck for running uphill and hand pulse sensors which measure your pulse and calculate your heart rate in real-time as you run and then there's the folding mechanism which easily moves the large running deck into a vertical position so its off the floor out of the way so your not losing floor space when your not exercising.
IM Fitness GT Motorised Treadmill, First Time Treadmill.

First Time Treadmill, Folds Upright, 5 Year Warranty.

When you lift the edge of the running deck upwards a hydraulic system takes over and parks the running deck in a vertical position leaving you with plenty of floor space the same hydraulic system will lower the treadmill deck when you're ready to exercise and with wheels that only touch the floor when the treadmill is folded and pushed along its easy to move the treadmill between rooms so you can use the treadmill in one room and store the treadmill in another room.

With a 7.5 mph Miles Per Hour top speed the treadmill is no slouch either and of course the speed is fully adjustable from speed increase and decrease buttons on the handlebars so you can set the speed of the moving belt to a speed your comfortable with.

There's a pull-pin locking mechanism to set the angle of the treadmill deck so you can run or walk uphill if you prefer by running uphill your working different muscle groups than running on the flat running uphill your strengthen and tone your calves and thighs.

The digital display is easy to read and uses three separate LCD digital readouts so you can see all your running stats at the same time without having to wait for them to scroll round, the treadmill displays your pulse rate as determined by pulse monitors in the handgrips of the treadmill as you hold the handgrips your pulse is automatically read from your hands and your heart rate calculated the time you have been running for is also displayed and its helpful to know your time so you can run faster next time as well as for goal setting where you can choose to run for say thirty minutes each day.
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