IM Fitness Rock Elliptical Trainer.

IM Fitness Rock Elliptical Trainer the Quiet Magnetic Resistance System that's Family Friendly.

If your exercising at home your want your exercise equipment to be quiet so if you exercise early in the morning or late at night or just when family don't want to be disturbed with noises because there watching TV or reading a book or doing homework then your need fitness equipment that doesn't make any noise and will not disturb anyone in fact your need fitness equipment so quiet that you can use the IM Fitness Rock Elliptical Trainer right next to baby whilst they are sleeping.
IM Fitness Rock Elliptical Trainer, Quiet Magnetic Resistance System.

Quiet Magnetic Resistance System, Family Friendly.

The reason the IM Fitness Rock Elliptical Trainer is so very quiet is that the resistance system that's the system that makes it harder or easier to move the paddles up and down which uses a magnetic system which has few moving parts so lasts for many years and makes little noise.

There are two sets of handlebars so this elliptical trainer is referred to as a dual handlebar elliptical cross trainer the two handles consist of a moving handlebar and a fixed handlebar the fixed handlebar has a pulse sensor built into the handlebars which monitors the pulse in your hands as you cross train this pulse is then displayed on the digital display along with your heart rate which is calculate from the pulse rate just like the doctor or nurse would take your pulse to calculate your heart rate.

The stationary handlebars don't move and so work only the lower body its basically a step machine so with the IM Fitness Rock Elliptical Trainer you have a free step machine as well as an elliptical trainer, the step machine works your lower body and helps to tone and shape lower body muscles like your calves, thighs, buttocks and hips and the moving handlebars as well as working your lower body also work your upper body toning and shaping your arms and shoulders so you can decide what type of an exercise you would like to concentrate on whole body or lower body.
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