IM Fitness Stamina XTI Treadmill.

IM Fitness Stamina XTI Treadmill with Cushioned Running Deck that Prevents Impact Injury.

Exercise at home and reduce your risk of injury with the IM Fitness Stamina XTI Treadmill which has a cushioned running deck that prevents ankles, knees, leg joints, hips and backs from suffering impact injury and jarring because the impact injury is absorbed by the running deck.
IM Fitness Stamina XTI Treadmill, Cushioned Running Deck.

Cushioned Running Deck, Prevents Impact Injury.

There's twelve exercise programmes built into the treadmill and these provide a number of different running tracks for you to run round where the treadmill automatically varies the speed to simulate different running tracks which helps you reach a range of exercise goals from keeping fit to losing weight to increasing cardio to strengthening your legs and back.

The range of exercise programmes also helps keep your interest and motivation going as the different running tracks means you're less likely to get bored.

This is a folding treadmill, that locks with the treadmill deck folded upwards out of the way for easy storage and transport wheels that let you push the folded treadmill like a wheelbarrow with a wheel at one end so you can easily move the treadmill around your house.

The control panel on the IM Fitness Stamina XTI Treadmill is very easy to use as the buttons are colour coded with red for stop and green for go so its simplicity itself to start running and of course the emergency stop button means your always safe and can stop at anytime even if you have been running faster than your should and you feel the treadmill is pulling you along just hit the emergency stop button and the treadmill will immediately halt.

The control buttons are extra large so if your eyesight is poor or just one a simple to use treadmill that automatically carries out for you some of the advanced features like heart rate measurement and powered incline, the hear rate monitoring is done by a pulse sensor in the handlebars which measures your pulse and mathmatically calculates your hearty rate which is then displayed on the screen in BPM Beats Per Minute and the powered incline means that rather than having to set the sized of hill you want to run up if your want to run up a hill at all that is, by pushing a mechanical lever into place on the IM Fitness Stamina XTI Treadmill you just press the incline increase and incline decrease buttons on the handlebars.
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