IM Fitness XI Racing Exercise Bike.

IM Fitness XI Racing Exercise Bike the a Top Of The Range Indoor Racing Bike.

If you have seen racing exercise bikes at the gym your know they are all the rage and a very popular choice for home exercise too the IM Fitness XI Racing Exercise Bike is the top of the range model from IronMan.
IM Fitness XI Racing Exercise Bike, Top Of The Range.

Top Of The Range, Indoor Racing Bike.

Supplied with a one year warranty that you can extend to two years if you wish and delivered free of charge by courier and now with over 30% off this discounted racing bike is excellent value for money.

The front wheel is an 18kg flywheel which provides lots of momentum as your racing so you can go super fast and can sit on the seat or stand on the peddles when your racing the pedals have foot straps and toe clips to hold your feet firmly on the pedals so you push down with the ball of your foot rather than with your toes which will lead to sprains and soreness.

The comfortable saddle moves forwards and backwards for reach as well as upwards and downwards for height so if your fatter than you would like you can bring the seat further away from the handlebars giving you more room and if your thin or have short arms you can bring the seat closer to the handlebars.

On the handlebars your find the emergency braking system so you can stop the home racing bike instantly regardless of the high speed that you have been cycling.

The racing bikes computer which is mounted on the handlebars at a good height so you can read the display all the time shows you your time so you can have time trials trying to beat your previous best time and the speed so you can see how fast your going to maintain speed or improve on a previous time, your distance so you can see how far you have cycled well obviously this is theatrical distance as being a static racing bike you haven't really moved at all and calories so you can see how many calories you have used whilst you have been cycling the more resistance you set the more calories your burn but the harder it will be to peddle so you have to set a compromise and work up to your end goal over a period of time to maintain you motivation levels.
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