Orchid Apate Massage Table.

Orchid Apate Massage Table with Adjustable Height Backrest and Adjustable Face Cradle, Hand and Arm Support, Side Rests, Adjustable Height, Folding Table.

The Orchid Apate Massage Table is one of the most beautiful massage tables your ever see with cream faux leather and Beachwood frame and all the accessories you could dream of included is a hand and arm cradle underneath the face cradle for keeping hands and arms out of the way when your lying on your front and a face cradle which has a r5 degree tilt angle for the most comfortable position.
Orchid Apate Massage Table, Adjustable Height Backrest.

Adjustable Height Backrest, Adjustable Face Cradle, Hand and Arm Support, Side Rests, Adjustable Height, Folding Table.

There's also removable side arm rests and a face bung in the body of the massage table for people who prefer the hold in the table to a face cradle.

The adjustable height back rest means that you can sue the table for more than just massage with the option to do beauty treatments as the client can be sitting up as well as lying flat and if your a mobile massage therapist your appreciate the table folds in half for easy carrying and comes in its own nylon zip lock back with handles and a shoulder strap.

The massage table is height adjustable and is suitable for tall as well as small massage therapists as its easy to adjust the height of the table so your hands and arms won't get sore and ache.

Inside the table and all the accessories is high density memory foam which means that the table feels supportive without feeling hard and the luxurious leather look table is easy to clean as creams and oils will not stain or sink into the table.

Whether you're a professional massage table buying this table for work or an at home massage enthusiast buying this table for use in the home your find you have a very professional table with a wide range of features that suit not only massage therapy but a wide range of complementary medicines too such as a table for acupuncture, chiropractic, Reiki, sports massage, counselling and beauty treatments.
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