Orchid Geras Cream Massage Table.

Orchid Geras Cream Massage Table the Luxury Folding Table with Faux Leather and Beechwood Frame.

The Orchid Geras Cream Massage Table has a luxury faux leather cream covering under which is inches of high density memory foam for comfort and support with a frame and legs made from luxury Beechwood in a folding design that's so luxurious no one would know this is a folding table unless you told them.
Orchid Geras Cream Massage Table, Luxury Folding Table.

Luxury Folding Table, Faux Leather, Beechwood Frame.

A round pillow is included with the massage table which is also made from faux leather and high density memory foam the pillow makes this table suitable for chiropractic use and the adjustable height backrest makes the table suitable for beauty treatments and other treatments where you don't want the client lying flat down.

When folded the massage table fits into its own nylon zip bag which has a shoulder strap and carry handles making the massage table easy to carry and well protected against dirt and scratches as you move the table between the boot of your car and home or spa.

Ideal for anyone who likes to give or receive massage at home these discounted price massage tables from Orchid allow everyone to afford a luxury massage table for home use and because the tables are folding they don't take up much room when not being used.

Buy the massage table as a present for someone who likes massage and have your own massage spa at home.

The massage table comes with all the accessories your need including an adjustable angle face cradle which doubles as a head rest, arm and hand rest, face bung and arm rests all these accessories are removable from the table and can be stored inside the folded table when your carrying the table around or for storage with all the bits inside the folded table you won't lose anything.
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