Orchid Iris Superlight Cream Massage Table.

Orchid Iris Superlight Cream Massage Table with Lightweight Aluminium Frame the Portable Table.

The Orchid Iris Superlight Cream Massage Table is a lightweight portable massage table that folds in half and fits into a nylon zip bag this is a large table with plenty of room for your clients and comes with removable arm rests, removable face cradle, removable face bung and adjustable height table.
Orchid Iris Superlight Cream Massage Table, Lightweight Aluminium Frame.

Lightweight Aluminium Frame, Portable Table.

The massage table is height adjustable so whatever your height short or tall you can adjust the table height sop that your arms and hands point downwards to your client so you work downwards as if you work with your hands and arms pointing upwards your get sore and aching hands and arms very quickly not all massage tables have adjustable height the Orchid Iris Superlight Cream Massage Table does.

The strong aluminium table provides a good deal of comfort as not only is it strong but it looks strong too and encourages clients to relax especially the heavier clients how are worried about how strong the massage table is because a table needs to look strong and with aluminium metal; frame and legs the table looks very tough and long lasting.

Underneath the synthetic leather which is stain resistant just wipe of cream and oils with a cloth your find high density memory foam which offers great support and high levels of comfort its not only the table that has memory foam and synthetic leather but the accessories too the face cradle is removable and also covered in synthetic leather and memory foam and doubles as a head rest as well as a face cradle.

A face bung is included in the table and this too has a covering of synthetic leather and memory foam simply remove the face bung from the table for people who prefer bungs to face cradles, there's removable arm rests too with all the accessories fitting inside the folded massage table as before you fold the table for storage you can store all the accessories on racks inside the massage table so you won't lose any accessories when you move the table as everything is stored inside the table.
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