PowerTech 1500W Vibration Machine In Black.

PowerTech 1500W Vibration Machine In Black the Stand On Vibrating Machine and Massage Machine.

An exercise vibration machine and massage machine built into one use the 50 different speed levels to give yourself a vibration massage or vibration exercise the vibrations work on all of your body from your toes up through your calves and legs through your thighs, buttocks and hips up your spine, shoulder blades and down your arms into your hands and up onwards through your neck and head to give you a complete vibration massage and exercise.
PowerTech 1500W Vibration Machine In Black, Stand On Vibrating Machine.

Stand On Vibrating Machine, Massage Machine.

You can choose how intense you want your exercise or massage from tiny vibrations you can barely feel to be stinging vibrations the choice is yours and the speed of the vibrations is also fully adjustable so you can use one of the built in exercise programmes specifically designed for massage or exercise or you can use the manual speed control and intensity control to find the settings that work best for you.

Vibration massage helps tired aching feet and legs if you have been standing up all day then relaxing on the vibration massage machine and feeling the vibrations go up throug your tired feet and legs will relieve the pain and relax you after a hard day.

The PowerTech 1500W Vibration Machine is a full body machine that you stand on its strong and designed with two heavy duty handlebars one at hand height and one at for height, use this handlebars to support your weight as you stretch your arms and legs relaxing and tensing your muscles for the vibrations to work on your muscles.

The control console mounted at hand height is separately mounted from the vibrating floor so you won't get vibrations on the control panel so using the buttons is easy, there's three red LED's which show you the speed of the vibrations, the time you have been exercising or massaging for and the amount of body fat the sensors in the handlebars have determined is in your body.
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