PowerTech Foldaway Electric Commuter Bike.

PowerTech Foldaway Electric Commuter Bike the Top Spec Electric Bike with Folding Mechanism For Daily Commute.

If you like the idea of cycling but are not too keen on the idea of pedalling then the PowerTech Foldaway Electric Commuter Bike is for you this electric bike features a powerful electric motor that will do the pedalling for you so all you have to do is sit on the saddle and because the electric bike folds away you can take it on the train with you or put it in the boot of your car.
PowerTech Foldaway Electric Commuter Bike, Top Spec Electric Bike.

Top Spec Electric Bike, Folding Mechanism For Daily Commute.

When you get to your office you can recharge the electric bike in just 4 hours and with a top speed of 25kph (16 miles per hour) it's no slouch either and is certainly mush faster than peddling alone but if you want to peddle you can as the bike is designed that even when the electric motor is powering the wheels you can still peddle as well if you wish and you can also turn off the motor and do all the peddling if you want the exercise.

With a rear rack for your suitcase or pannier bags there's lots of room to hold your important business documents and your sandwiches and of course you can wear a rucksack too if you want.

You don't need any sort of licence to use the PowerTech Foldaway Electric Commuter Bike you don't need a car driving licence or a motorbike licence or a scooter licence or even have passed your cycling proficiency as these electric bikes are classed as normal bicycles.

The speed of the bike is controlled by a throttle on the handlebars in exactly the same way as a motorbike or a scooter except this is totally green transportation as in just four hours you have fully recharged the electric bike so you can recharge at home or recharge in the office or recharge at a friends house or recharge on the train anywhere there is a normal 3e pin electric plug socket.
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