PowerTech Luna 5000 Treadmill.

PowerTech Luna 5000 Treadmill with Shock Absorbing Running Deck, Black Treadmill.

For a treadmill that's modern and stylish and will look good in your home buy the PowerTech Luna 5000 Treadmill which is black in colour with a single pedestal design and two handrails either side of the treadmill there's a large LCD display on the console unit mounted above the handlebars which shows your position on a graphical running track so its easy to race and co0mplete against a time or your previous best time as well as just to know how much more exercise you have to do and when the steep hills or easy flats will start.
PowerTech Luna 5000 Treadmill, Shock Absorbing Running Deck.

Shock Absorbing Running Deck, Black Treadmill.

Built into the front console is a cooling fan which directs cool air towards you and you have complete control over the fan speed withy speeds from level one to level fifteen, the fan can be switched off if you don't want to use it and also built into the front console are two stereo speakers which connect to your MP34 player so you can listen to your music or even connect your phone and take phone calls whilst jogging the advantage of speakers is that you don't have to wear headphones which get hot and sweaty or just fall out when your jogging.

The PowerTech Luna 5000 Treadmill has a shock absorbing running deck which is vital as running is a high impact sport where your joints are put under impact stress with every downward motion of your feet typically your ankles, knees, hips, thighs and back get sore and painful with impact injuries and the shock absorbing running deck on the PowerTech Luna 5000 Treadmill will help prevent this.

Built into the handgrips are two pulse sensors one in each handgrip these display your pulse rate in real-time whilst you are exercising.
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