PowerTech Magforce Strider Treadmill.

PowerTech Magforce Strider Treadmill the Walking Treadmill that's Powered By Walking.

If you enjoy walking to keep fit and want to be able to walk on a treadmill then don't buy a running treadmill and pay over the odds for features your never need by exactly what you do need with a walking treadmill like the PowerTech Magforce Strider Treadmill which has features specifically designed for walkers like a treadmill belt that's turned round by your feet on the conveyor the belt is not powered and you don't have to worry about a motor whizzing you off the belt and on to the floor as being powered by your walking motion the treadmill only moves as fast as you do.
PowerTech Magforce Strider Treadmill, Walking Treadmill.

Walking Treadmill, Powered By Walking.

To use the walking treadmill simply step on to the conveyor belt hold the handrails and start to walk your walking motion will move the conveyor round and your be walking whilst stilt in the comfort of your own home you can watch the television or read a book or magazine as you walk and because the conveyor belt is powered by your walking motion and not a noisy motor you have near silence from the treadmill which won't interrupt your thinking or reading or watching TV or listening to the radio or music.

If you like walking uphill the PowerTech Magforce Strider Treadmill has a two position incline you can select to create a hill on the treadmill this works by raising one end of the treadmill conveyor belt upwards so it feels like your running up hill its great for working different sets of muscles than walking on the flat as your work your thighs, buttocks and calf muscles and if you want to tone and shape your legs then walking uphill is the option to use if not for toning and shaping then just for an occasional change to your exercise routine to keep things interesting.

On the handlebars your see a digital display and combined exercise computer if technology scares you off don't worry as if you wish you can completely ignore the screen and you don't need to do anything with the buttons but if you look at the screen your notice that the screen displays your distance walked and the time it has taken you to walk that distance plus the calories you have used in walking that far and the speed you have been walking.
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