PowerTech PRO Elliptical Trainer.

PowerTech PRO Elliptical Trainer with Large Front Flywheel for Smooth Movement.

For a elliptical cross trainer with a very smooth and natural cross training action take a look at the PowerTech PRO Elliptical Trainer which has a large steel flywheel which provides plenty of momentum so when you start to work the pedals the action is smooth with no jerky movements and when you want to go faster the speed builds up uniformly without a hint of a mechanical action.
PowerTech PRO Elliptical Trainer, Large Front Flywheel.

Large Front Flywheel, Smooth Movement.

In both handlebars your find hand pulse sensors that measure your pulsed rate by monitoring the pulse in the palm of your hand as you hold the handlebars the pulse rate is then displayed on screen along with the calories you have used whilst cross training and the time you have been cross training for along with the distance you have travelled and your speed.

The computer console and display unit is situated above the handlebars and has five different displays which all simultaneously show you speed, pulse, calories, time and distance without you having to wait for the display to scroll to the reading your following which can get very infuriating towards the end of your cross training session when your trying hard to achieve your goal and you want to be seeing the digital display that shows your goal all the time without being interrupted by a scrolling display and that's exactly what you get with the PowerTech PRO Elliptical Trainer five different displays so you can always see your goals.

On the display console your also find a built in radio and headphone socket so you can listen to the radio without needing any other equipment with the PowerTech PRO Elliptical Trainer everything is included to get fit, stay fit and to shape and tone your legs, thighs, buttocks, calves and arms as the elliptical trainer offers full body exercise as your moving your arms and your legs at the same time.
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