PowerTech Pacemaker Plus Treadmill.

PowerTech Pacemaker Plus Treadmill the Medium Priced Wide Treadmill.

Looking for a treadmill that has all the features your need and is competitively priced without being a basic model then take a look at the PowerTech Pacemaker Plus Treadmill which also has a large width treadmill belt so you have more room and c an stand comfortable without feeling penned in and the wide handlebars give you room to move about with good support should you need it.
PowerTech Pacemaker Plus Treadmill, Medium Priced.

Medium Priced, Wide Treadmill.

With a large belt you can run or walk in a way that's comfortable to you and for beginners especially a large treadmill deck gives more confidence as yiou8 have more room and with the handlebars within hands reach directly in front of you there's a high level of reassurance and the main co0ntrrol buttons like speed adjustment and incline (hill) adjustment are included directly on the handlebars so you don't have to move or stretch or even move your handlebars away from the handlebars.

Built into the PowerTech Pacemaker Plus Treadmill is 48 exercise programmes these are professionally designed exercise programmes that help you reach set goals like losing weight, increasing muscle tone, developing muscles, toning and shaping, losing body fat, increasing cardio exercise and many more these exercise programmes are automatic changing the speed of the treadmill for you as well as the level of incline or hill you are required to walk or run against.

Of course while the exercise programmes are designed like a personal trainer would design them to push you to reach your goals of course the manual stop buttons and speed increase and speed decrease buttons as well as hill increase and hill reduce buttons will all override and exercise programme settings if you press the buttons so you can feel safe that you are the one in control.
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