PowerTech Proline XTV Treadmill.

PowerTech Proline XTV Treadmill the Feature Packed Treadmill with Flat Panel TV, Heart Rate Monitoring, Power Incline and Running Deck Suspension.

For a feature packed treadmill that has everything you might want take a look at the PowerTech Proline XTV Treadmill which even has a flat panel colour LCD television on the front console so you can watch television as you run.
PowerTech Proline XTV Treadmill, Feature Packed Treadmill.

Feature Packed Treadmill, Flat Panel TV, Heart Rate Monitoring, Power Incline, Running Deck Suspension.

It's not only the television on the PowerTech Proline XTV Treadmill that makes this special there's a heart rate monitoring system too where pulse sensors in the handlebars measure your pulsed whilst you hold the handlebars and calculate your heart rate from your pulse and then display your heart rate on the digital display next to the television screen so you don't have to take your eyes away from the TV to see all your heart rate, time, speed, calorie, distance, incline and exercise programme data as there's six separate LED displays around the television screen so everything is displayed in one area and all can be seen at a glance.

The television has stereo speakers mounted either side of the central console and there's also a stereo 3.5mm jack plug input for your MP3 player or phone so you can listen to your music or listen to your calls through the speakers of the television perfectly if you must take those mobile phone calls or want all your mp3 player tunes with you whilst you exercise.

If you haven't tried running or walking uphill you should as it's a great way to target the leg and back muscles and strengthen and tone calves, thighs, hips, abdominal muscles and back muscle groups and with the PowerTech Proline XTV Treadmill you can adjust the incline of the treadmill which automatically raises the front of the treadmill deck to create a hill, a motor raises the treadmill when you push the incline increase and decrease buttons on the handlebars and you can even adjust the incline from the handlebars when your running along so you won't have to be interrupted when you change from flat to hill.
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