PowerTech T102 Walking Treadmill.

PowerTech T102 Walking Treadmill Powered By Your Footsteps and Folds Flat.

This is a treadmill for walking not running so your not paying for features you don't need yet the PowerTech T102 Walking Treadmill has some great features of its own like an exercise computer that displays the time you have been walking and the distance you have travelled as well as the calories you have burned whilst walking.
PowerTech T102 Walking Treadmill, Powered By Your Footsteps.

Powered By Your Footsteps, Folds Flat.

Knowing the time you have been walking means that you can if you wish set yourself a goal to for example walk 15 minutes every day or because the distance is also displayed on the screen your goal might be to walk a certain distance or even to burn a certain number of calories every time you use the treadmill which is a great way to maintain your weight or lose some weight.

The treadmill is capable of walking at nearly four miles per hour so that's plenty fast enough for even the fastest of walkers or runners and because the treadmill folds completely flat its easy to store too you can hang the treadmill on some large hooks in the garage or shed or fold the treadmill and slide it under your bed or behind a door or sofa when not in use so the treadmill is out of the way until you need it.

The conveyor belt that you walk on has built in shock absorbers so your less likely to suffer from impact injuries as joints like ankles, knees, spines, hips and thighs are all susceptible to impact injury as you walk putting each foot down harder than you should or even having a slight jog can all lead to impact injury but with the PowerTech T102 Walking Treadmill and the cushioned walking deck your avoid impact injury.

There's two handrails to hold onto whilst your on the walking treadmill but if for any reason you want to stop in a hurry just press the large red emergency stop button that's located just below the digital display and as well as an emergency stop there's an emergency stop safety key on a rope which you can clip to your clothing or hold in your hand and then if you feel unsteady you can pull the cord and the treadmill will immediately stop.
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