Powertech Rapide Magnetic Bike.

Powertech Rapide Magnetic Bike the Newbie Home Exercise Bike the First Timers Choice.

The first timers choice a very popular home exercise bike that anyone new to exercising at home finds just what their looking for the price is low yet the specification is high offering a lot of features for not very much money.
Powertech Rapide Magnetic Bike, Newbie Home Exercise Bike.

Newbie Home Exercise Bike, First Timers Choice.

Made from strong tube steel and able to support as rider with a maximum body weight of 19 stone and a large comfortable saddle that won't make your bottom sore and you desperate to stop exercising your enjoy sitting on the foam padded height adjustable saddle, even the pedals have foot straps to hold your feet in safely as when you use the pedal straps your feet push down with the balls of your feet that's the strong bit of your foot and if you don't use the foot straps your find yourself pushing down on the pedals with your toes which can lead o aches, strains and pain so always use the foot straps so your working the pedals correctly.

There's an exercise computer with digital screen mounted between the handlebars which displays your speed, distance and calories the display cab be set to display just one of the bike stats for example the time only if you're only interested in keeping an eye on the time and doing say 15 minutes cycling a day or the exercise computer can scan through all the readings displaying each reading one after the other and then starting at the beginning again the advantage of this is that your keeping an eye on all the re3adings as for example you might want to cycle for 15 minutes each day but be interested in how many calories your burning.

The Powertech Rapide Magnetic Bike even includes a calorie counter so if your trying to lose weight and need to watch your calories you can see how many calories you have burned as the more calories you burn the more weight your lose.

The handlebars can be held horizontally like you would a classic bike or vertically like you would a racing bile with multiple grip handlebars the choice is yours plus the handlebars have a thick and hardwearing foam covering for a comfortable hold that will absorb the sweat leaving your hands dry no matter how hard your peddling.
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