Powertech Ultimate X LCD Treadmill.

Powertech Ultimate X LCD Treadmill, Top Of The Range with Built In TV, Heart Rate Monitor and Incline Power Lift.

Looking for the home treadmill that does everything from measuring your heart rate to watching telly then take a look at the Powertech Ultimate X LCD Treadmill which has a built in LCD flat panel TV and has pulse rate monitoring equipment built into the handgrips to measure your pulse rate and calculator your heart rate simply by holding the handgrips as you walk or run and no need for messy wires trailing everywhere.
Powertech Ultimate X LCD Treadmill, Top Of The Range.

Top Of The Range, Built In TV, Heart Rate Monitor, Incline Power Lift.

The Ultimate Treadmill features powered incline with twenty different increments or steps available so press and button and the treadmill floor will lift upwards to simulate running up a hill with twenty different sized hills to choose from, if you have only ever previously run on the flat then try running uphill as your work a different set of muscles and provide some much needed variation into your exercise routine, running uphill tones and firms the buttock, calves, thighs and hips so well worth a try.

The powered incline can be selected either manually by pressing the up or down buttons on the handlebars sop you don't even have to move your hands away from the handlebars to adjust the size of the hill you want to run up and you can also use one of the twenty five built in exercise programmes which will automatically vary the size of the hill and the speed of the conveyor belt so create twenty five different racetracks that will keep you motivated and challenge you these exercise programmes can be controlled automatically by the computer and you c an also override the computer by making a manual adjustment to the speed or size of hill yourself using the buttons on the handlebars.

The Ultimate Treadmill also comes with a heart rate control system here pulse sensors in the handlebars measure your pulse and calculate your heart rate which is then displayed on screen and used to control the built in exercise programmes using your maximum heart rate as measured by the pulse sensors as a guide for how hard to work you on the treadmill you can specify the heart rate value that is used as the maximum heart rate that the treadmill will not exceed keeping you safe at all times.
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