SEG 1626 Elliptical Trainer.

SEG 1626 Elliptical Trainer the Best Quality with HiTech Graphical Display.

The SEG 1626 Elliptical Trainer is a very high quality elliptical cross trainer with a superb colour graphical display that's easy to use and brilliant in its display of information there's a het black display on which is a lime green digital readout of time, speed, RPM, distance, calories, power torque and pulse all on the screen displayed at the same time so you don't have to wait for a scanning mode to finally get to the piece of information your following there's also many different icons on the screen with an icon key on the same screen explaining what all the icons do but the display is so well laid out and beautiful its easy to see at a glance what everything is and finally in light blue there's a graphical barf chart which shows the exercise programme you have selected and your current position on the chart.
SEG 1626 Elliptical Trainer, Best Quality.

Best Quality, HiTech Graphical Display.

Being able to see the exercise programme drawn out graphically means that you can see hard bits shown as hills and easy bits shown as flats or downward hills making it very easy to identify what's coming next so you can look forward to the easy bits and brace prepare yourself for the harder bits.

The SEG 1626 Elliptical Trainer is rated as semi-commercial which means it can be used in the home as well as by business several times a day whilst purely home quality exercise equipment will be rated for one use a day the difference being that semi-commercial equipment is built to a higher standard with higher quality components and will last far longer than an elliptical cross trainer rated only for home use.

The body of the SEG 1626 Elliptical Trainer is very smart indeed with aluminium panels covering the elliptical trainer under which is a steel frame for strength as the cross trainer is designed to support a user with as body weight up to and including 21 stone.

How hard you have top press down on the pedals in order to move them round is known as the resistance level on the SEG elliptical trainer there are 16 different resistance levels the built in exercise programmes can control these resistance levels and you can also adjust the elliptical trainers levels manually.
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