SEG 1638 Elliptical Trainer.

SEG 1638 Elliptical Trainer, Built To Last and Semi-Commercial.

Designed for home use buy also used in many gyms and businesses around the UK the SEG 1638 Elliptical Trainer is a hardwearing piece of home exercise equipment the SEG has the designation semi-commercial because it's designed to be used several times a day which exercise equipment just for home use is designed to be used just once a day or less frequently so consequently is built with lower quality components on the SEG 1638 Elliptical Trainer your find only high quality components designed for an exercise machine that's built to last.
SEG 1638 Elliptical Trainer, Built To Last.

Built To Last, Semi-Commercial.

The metal panels on the SEG 1638 Elliptical Trainer are aluminium and look beautiful underneath these metal panels is a strong steel frame designed to take a maximum loading of 22 stone so everyone can exercise on the SEG without having to worry about their weight.

There's even a water bottle included on the SEG and its located on a mounting on the front post so its within easy hand reach when your cross training and the dual handlebars means you can work on your lower body or your entire body at the same time, use the fixed handlebars as a step machine to shape, tone and define the muscles in your legs, thighs, calves, buttocks and stomach and use the moving handlebars to work your lower body plus your arms and shoulders to shape, tone and define your arms and shoulders.

The SEG 1638 Elliptical Trainer is not just for muscle definition its an all round piece of exercise equipment that can give you a good cardiovascular workout whether your wanting a low cardiovascular workout at a slow speed or a fast cardiovascular workout to burn fat your find the SEG elliptical trainer is an ideal piece of home and semi-commercial fitness equipment.
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