SEG 1696 Exercise Bike.

SEG 1696 Exercise Bike with 37 Exercise Programmes and 15 Workout Resistance Levels.

For a comprehensive workout take a look at the SEG 1696 Exercise Bike with 37 professionally designed exercise programmes that give you plenty of choice in the type of exercise you want to do from weight loss exercises to cardiovascular exercises to shaping and toning exercises and heart rate control exercises to give you the medically most effective exercise whilst monitoring your health levels and keeping you safe.
SEG 1696 Exercise Bike, 37 Exercise Programmes.

37 Exercise Programmes, 15 Workout Resistance Levels.

With the heart rate control system pulse sensors in the handlebars measure your pulse rate and calculate your heart rate which is displayed on one of the most beautiful digital displays your find on an exercise bike the heart rate is also used to control the resistance on the pedals so your have to pedal harder or easier depending on your heart arte as measure on the pulse sensors the reason for this is the exercise bike monitors your heart rate whilst you exercise and then adjusts how hard you have to exercise depending if you can work harder or need to rest.

You set how hard you want to work by specifying a maximum heart rate say 55% as an example here your heart rate would be monitored and pedalling made easier or harder depending on whether your current heart rate was less than or greater than 55% of your maximum heart rate as recorded by the pulse rate sensors.

As well as heart rate control, you can use the exercise programmes just be specifying a resistance level you would like to use on a range of one to fifteen with level one being easy and level fifteen being hard.

With all this speed and working hard your need a good braking system and SEG have used the best EMS Electro Motive Force braking well if its good enough to stop Japans MagLev train in a hurry then the same system is good enough to stop your cycling on the SEG 1696 Exercise Bike.
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