SEG 1698 Exercise Bike.

SEG 1698 Exercise Bike, Top Of The Range with High Quality Construction.

Looking for a top of the range exercise cycle then the SEG 1698 Exercise Bike is worth a look from the powerful yet easy to use exercise programme computer to the quality refinements like the adjustable end caps which higher or lower the individual legs to use the exercise bike safely on a range of floor types from carpet, wood, concrete or tile.
SEG 1698 Exercise Bike, Top Of The Range.

Top Of The Range, High Quality Construction.

Included on the central handlebar column of the exercise bike is a water bottle and water bottle holder all within easy reach of your hands when you sat on the saddle the saddle which is incidentally height adjustable without any tools so if your buying the bike for use by the family when different users get on the bike any adjustments can be made by thumbwheels and levers with no tools needed.

The SEG 1698 Exercise Bike is a semi-commercial exercise bike which means that the bike can be used several times a day throughout the day, every day whereas a purely home exercise bike might only be rated for use once a week so if for a family exercise bike you need a semi-commercial rating otherwise the bike just won't be made well enough to last more than a couple of months of continuous use, the SEG 1698 Exercise Bike comes with a two year warranty which you can extend to three years and the warranty ensures your get a free repair or free replacement if you have problems.

The braking system used is called Eddy Current Braking and is the same braking system used on MagLev trains so you can guarantee that the exercise bike will stop immediately no matter how fast you're cycling.

A nice touch is that the pedals are self balancing meaning that the pedals right themselves and always at the right position for you to get easily on or off the exercise bike you won't ever have to turn the pedals round with your hands or push them with your toe to get the pedals in the best position for you the pedals will do this for you automatically.
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