SEG EE7502 Elliptical Trainer.

SEG EE7502 Elliptical Trainer for Home Use and Full Commercial Use.

Not all elliptical cross trainers are created equally some are created as occasional home sue elliptical trainers and would wear out or breakdown if used every day and some are created as semi-commercial; elliptical cross trainers designed to be used every day and then there's the SEG EE7502 Elliptical Trainer a full commercial elliptical cross trainer designed for daily use as many times a day as you like as its created from very high quality components and designed to last for many years with no compromise in materials.
SEG EE7502 Elliptical Trainer, Home Use.

Home Use, Full Commercial Use.

With a large nineteen inch stride length the SEG EE7502 Elliptical Trainer can be used by tall users and short users the reason why the height of a person is even a consideration on an elliptical trainer is the stride length taller people have a larger stride length than smaller people so if your tall and you try to use a cross trainer with a small stride length your find your natural stride will have to be shortened to use an elliptical cross trainer which is essentially to short for you causing you to not exercise your muscles completely and not get much benefit from the exercise your doing other than aches and pains in your calves, feet and hips.

With the SEG EE7502 Elliptical Trainer you have a large stride length so tall people and short people can use the elliptical trainer without any problems and that's what makes this a good elliptical; trainer for families as younger as well as older members of the family can use the same elliptical trainer.

At the back of the elliptical trainer is a large 10kg flywheel this flywheel creates a smooth cross training motion that feels natural and not mechanical or jerky its easy to start exercising and easy to maintain your rhythm and the same cannot be said for all elliptical cross trainers available.

The aluminium panels provide a black piano finish underneath which is a steel chassis that's immensely strong and rated to carry a 22 stone user with ease.

Because the SEG EE7502 Elliptical Trainer is designed for home use its got floor levellers and stabilisers which insure that the elliptical trainer won't wobble or rock on any floor in your home and is suitable for carpet, tiles, wooden floors, concrete, lino and decking.
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